Keurig Hot Water: How to Make Hot Water With a Keurig Brewer

Keurig Hot Water

How to Run a Hot Water Brew Cycle in a Keurig Brewer

Your Keurig coffee maker can make hot coffee, hot tea, hot chocolate, and hot cider, but can it make just plain hot water? Yes, you can run a Keurig Hot Water cycle to brew a cup of hot water to steep your bagged tea in, to add another hot beverage to, or for whatever other reason you may need.

Running a Keurig Hot Water brew cycle in your Keurig Brew cycle is easy. Remove any old K-Cups and press Brew on your Keurig brewer. Make sure you have a mug underneath the dispenser. You might need to repeat this if the water is discolored. You should run the Hot Water cycle anytime you use hot cocoa, hot tea, or two-step coffee K-cups.

Watch here to see how easy this is to do:


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