Simple Cup Disposable K-Cup Lids, Cups, Filters – 50 Ct. Set

Simple Cup Disposable K-Cup Lids, Cups, Filters – 50 Ct. Set

Need to Use Coffee From a Bag That is Not Available in K-Cups?

Simple Cup Disposable K-Cup Set Highlights:

Simple Cup Disposable K-Cup Set Features:

Disposable K Cups for Use in Keurig® Brewers – Simple Cups – 50 Cups, Lids, Filters with Easy Close Stand – Use Your Own Coffee in K-cups: Stop spending tons of money on pre-made K-cups! Don’t settle for pre-determined flavors. Make your life simpler with Simple Cups. At a fraction of what a K-Cup would cost, you can use YOUR own favorite coffee in your Keurig machine – and can do so cost effectively and easily. Your coffee experience just got that much better

Reviewer Comments:

  • If you buy all of these together and not boxed separately, from a cost perspective, you will be paying $0.29 per cup of coffee. A K-cup flavor bought off the shelf will run around $0.48-$0.55 per cup.
  • If you buy the lids, cups, and filters separately in higher quantities of 100 ct., you cost will jump up to $0.55-0.60 per cup. See my review here for the cost breakdown.
  • So, bottom line, this method is cheaper than buying the original K-cups at the store, but only if you buy the complete sets.
  • The least expensive method is still using the reusable K-cups like this one.

If you’d like to try out Simple Cups’ Disposable K-Cup Set, you can buy it now by clicking here.



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