What to Do With a Keurig Prime Error Message

Keurig Prime Message


How Do You Get Rid of the Prime Message?

The Keurig Prime indicator means that water is not coming out of the water reservoir into the brewer properly. There are several things that you can do to try to fix the Keurig prime message. Your brewer will not be able to brew coffee until you fix this problem. Watch here to find out different techniques you can try to fix this problem.

What it can mean:

  • Your water reservoir is dirty
  • Your water filter and/or filter screen is dirty
  • The water reservoir is not seated properly in the base (if someone accidentally moves your brewer or bumps it, sometimes the water reservoir will not have a proper seal at the base)
  • The water reservoir lid is forming an airtight seal, preventing the brewer from siphoning in more water (try cracking the lid a bit if this is the case as I’ve had this problem several times)
  • The brew needle or K-cup brew head may be dirty and need to be cleaned.

Watch this short video to see if any of these suggestions will help you fix your Keurig prime error message.


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