Keurig K-Cup Holder – Storage Drawer for 25 Vue Pods Packs

Keurig K-Cup Holder – Storage Drawer for 25 Vue Pods Packs

Needing Someplace to Store All Those K-Cups?


Keurig K-Cup Holder – Storage Drawer Highlights:

  • Holder for 25 Vue Pods Drawer (5 Rows X 5 Cols)
  • Sliding drawer
  • Stackable for multiple drawers, Space saving design
  • Easy to Clean, Rubber Mat absorbs vibrations
  • Dimensions – 13-1/4-inch lenth by 12-1/2-inch width by 3.125 height

Keurig K-Cup Holder – Storage Drawer Features:

The new design to save up to 25 Vue-cup coffee pods. Easy to slide in and out to get pod you want.
Rubber Mat keep your coffee machine safe to put on the top of the drawer, but also absorbs vibrations
No additional space to store your favorite coffee Pods. Enjoy your coffee with simple organize.

Reviewer Comments:

  • For someone who is neat and tidy, and doesn’t just want Keurig boxes lying around on the shelves of your pantry, this allows you to neatly tuck them away and keep them out of site.
  • It’s also very easy to keep tabs on what your current inventory of K-cups is, and allows you to see at a glance how many flavors of each kind of K-cup you actually have left.
  • You might also like this K-Cup holder.

If you’d like to order the Keurig Vue Storage Drawer for 25 K-Cups, you can buy it now by clicking here.


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