San Francisco Bay Coffee Keurig K-Cup Fog Chaser – Discount K-Cups

San Francisco Bay Coffee Keurig K-Cup Fog Chaser – Discount K-Cups

Looking for Something to Clear the Morning Fog in Your Head?

Try San Francisco Bay Coffee in a K-Cup! This is currently the #1 Best Seller in the Amazon Grocery and Gourmet Food category.

Looking for Discount K-Cups? This Is a Best Buy!

K-Cup Fog Chaser Highlights:

  • Blend of Central and South American coffees to lift away the morning fog, full bodied and well balanced
  • Compatible with Keurig K-Cup brewers and other brands of single serve brewers
  • Richer, more full-bodied flavor than other coffees
  • Inspected repeatedly before, during and after roasting to make sure all is right every step of the way
  • Grown responsibly and Fairly Traded coffee

San Francisco Bay Coffee Features:


Are you looking for delicious, gourmet coffee available in a wide selection and at great value? Then “San Francisco Bay Coffee” is for you. They’ve developed a line of unique custom blends, exotic regional coffees, and single estate coffees available in either an 8 count, 12 count, 36 count, 80 count, or 160 count box of K-cups.

All are environmentally and socially responsible gourmet coffee offered at the best possible prices. San Francisco Bay Coffee stands for premium, sustainable, fair and direct trade coffee and tea at prices you’ll love!

Their products are grown for good. Their Community Aid Program has restored thousands of acres of rain forest by farming only with shade grown farms, and they’ve planted their own coffee on their own organic farms. Their OneCup single serve coffees are compatible with Keurig K-Cup brewers and other brands of single serve brewers.

Reviewer Comments:

  • Discount K-Cups – The real cost-savings here is if you buy the 80 count box of K-cups – NOT the larger or even the smaller quantities, just the 80 count has the savings. The 80 count box drops the price per K-cup to $0.33 per K-cup. This is probably some of the least expensive K-cup coffee you can buy. Compare this to $0.60 per K-cup for Donut Shop’s K-Cup flavors or $0.52 per K-cup for a 96 count box of Green Mountain Coffee’s Breakfast Blend, or even to the 8 count box of this exact same coffee which costs almost $1 a K-cup.
  • These K-cups are actually Coffee Pods that are universally compatible with multiple single serve coffee makers
  • The bottom of this K-cup is not made of plastic like most of the coffee-mate like K-cups. Instead this one has a thin filter on the bottom of it.
  • Because of the filter on the bottom of it, when you open the box of K-cups, you are going to have a smell from the box similar to what you smell when you open up a bag of coffee beans.
  • This is a stronger flavored coffee with a very smooth taste. If you have ever tried coffees such as Kona coffee, Emeril’s, or Jet Fuel, this won’t be too much of a shock to your senses.
  • Be sure to keep these K-cups in a Ziploc bag in order to maintain freshness of the coffee due to the filtered bottom of the K-cup.
  • If you have never tasted the Dark Roast coffees before, this coffee might be a bit of a shock to you if you don’t like really, really strong coffee. It does have a bit of a bitter taste to it because of the dark roast.
  • This K-cup has a plastic ring at the top of the cup which is supposed to rest on the top of your K-cup holder in your machine. I have read one review where the reviewer said that when they tried to close the lid on their B40 model, that it stuck up enough that it broke the handle of the coffee maker. So, please make sure that the K-cup fits in your machine by carefully closing it the first time you brew a San Francisco Bay Coffee K-cup in it.
  • Bottom line, cheap K-cups does not = bad-tasting K-cups. This is a product where you get good value for the money.

If you’d like to try San Francisco Fog Chaser K-cups, you can click here to order now!


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