How to Install or Replace a Keurig Filter

Your Keurig filter comes separately attached with your Keurig Brewing system. You will need to install it when you initially setup your Keurig brewer. You will need to replace your Keurig water filter every 2 months or every 60 water refills, whichever comes first.


Price of New Keurig Filter Packs

You can buy a Keurig filter from Keurig in either a 6 Cartridge Replacement Pack for about $18.95 or in a 2 Cartridge Replacement Pack for about $12.50 by clicking on either of these links or the links below.

You can also buy a 6 Cartridge Replacement Pack by Univen for about half the price of Keurigs, which sells the replacement pack for about $4.20.

The Univen Cartridge Replacement Pack is  for use exclusively with the following Keurig brewers purchased after August 2007: Elite, Classic, Ultra, Special Edition, Ultimate, Select and Platinum.

How to Install Keurig Water Filter

Watch here to see how easy it is to install your Keurig Water Filter.

Keurig Water Filter Replacement Cartridge Packs


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